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What You Need To Know When Choosing A New Carpet!

Featured Image Everything you should consider when buying a new carpet for your home. Click to read more!...


9 Crazy Facts That Will Make You Want To Clean Your Carpets!

Featured Image Find out 9 crazy facts on why you should be cleaning your carpets more often!...


Six Simple Tips to a Tidier Home this Summer

Featured Image Discover what you can do today to tidy up your messy home with these great tips!...


Advantages to Keeping your Upholstery Furniture Clean & Fresh

Featured Image Learn more about why upholstery cleaning can benefit you and your furniture!...


Chem-Dry VS. Steam Cleaning

Featured Image You shouldn't have to compromise on the cleanliness of your home. Your home is where you and your family spend time together, eat, sleep, and make memories. Its important to have a healthy environment to spend all that time in. That's where professional carpet cleaning companies come in....


How To Weather The Storm That Is Allergy Season

Featured Image Seasonal allergies are frustrating. As soon as the weather starts to warm up and going outside finally becomes desirable, allergies make going outside miserable. Then you’re left with two options: 1. Go outside to enjoy the nice weather. 2. Stay inside like a hermit, but feel somewhat okay....


Can Carpet Cleaning Affect Your Health?

Featured Image When people decide to get their carpets cleaned, they usually aren’t thinking about the health benefits. Carpet start looking dull or matted down so you hire someone to give them a clean to help them look better. We often don’t stop to think how the very same dirt and dust that makes our carpets look so dull affects our health....


Do-It-Yourself Carpet-Cleaning Mistakes

Featured Image Beware of the three most common ways do-it-yourselfers (and inexperienced pros) damage carpets: 1) Over-shampooing, 2) Over-wetting, 3) Failing to protect the wet carpet from furniture...


Four Steps for Proper Carpet Care

Featured Image Carpet cleaning is all about developing a routine. If you get into a good routine and keep it up, you will see great results.  Here are four simple steps to keep your carpet clean and looking great......